Fellowship Weekend 2011 - followed a growing line of very successful weekends. This year took us to the West Midlands , former stamping ground of President Mike. Specifically, we went to Ironbridge Gorge, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution & now a beautiful & incredibly interesting area. Many of the 43 that attended had never been to the area before & were amazed by what it had to offer. The weekend did take in quite a few museums but of very different types & was interspersed with some great fellowship & food. A picnic at a stately home, canapés on a riverboat cruise, lunch in a Victorian pub, good dinners followed by stories from the President & perhaps the centrepiece being a dinner on the Severn Valley Dining Train, run exclusively for us. A very memorable weekend with many thanks to Monique & John Liverton for their splendid organisation, the weather for playing its part & to President Mike for reminding us of his roots.

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