School Artists inspired by everyday objects - Students of Bishop David Brown School in Sheerwater were challenged with the theme of this year’s art competition, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Woking, to create stimulating ideas for paintings and sculptures from the shapes and texture of everyday objects. Over 50 students in Year 10 entered the competition and were able to select their own subject matter and experimented with mixed media to arrive at their final ideas for shapes texture and colour.

The winners were Rebecca Bovingdon, Leah Green, and Samuel Dias Dos Santos selected by Deputy Head Eleanor Symes and Yvonne Oliver in the Art Department . The three recipients were presented with their awards by Marilyn Scott, Director of the Lightbox, who commended the quality of their work and offered to exhibit them in the Lightbox Gallery later this year.

The overall winner was Rebecca who experimented with Photoshop in order to develop her initial idea – photographs of her drum kit. She then took the Photoshop experiments and worked on a large canvas and re-created her design titled ‘Musical Instruments’ using acrylic paint.

Leah took the idea of shoes and experimented with a range of different media – observational drawings of different shoes, also looking at artistic designs. Her final piece was a shoe in clay based on strawberries and cream. The heel of the shoe was an upturned ice cream cone and the design on the shoe represented the strawberries and ice cream swirl.

Samuel also took the idea of shoes and chose his favourite trainer to produce a number of observational drawings in different media before working on cork board creating a shoe composition in oil pastels.

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