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Gallery Four

Sand Dams Sand Dams Sand Dams

In 2016 we sent £3,500 to fund a sand dam in Kenya. The Woking District Club did likewise which made a joint contribution of £7,000 from our two clubs for a Woking dam. This amount was more than tripled by matched funding from Rotary District and Global funding by Rotary Foundation.

Sand dams are the most cost effective method of water conservation in drylands. They store millions of litres of water and provide a year-long supply with virtually zero operation and maintenance costs. Sand dams store water under sand, protecting it from contamination, evaporation and parasites. They provide clean water for drinking, washing and cooking, and also give the chance to grow food to eat, store and sell.

Work commenced on our dam site earlier this year in the Lekurruki Conservancy Trust