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Gallery Two

Zanzibar Schools Project Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar

The focus of this project is a school for 800 students aged 5-13 located in the rural village of Unguja Uku. Unguja is the main island of the Zanzibar Archipeligo which is a semi autonomous part of Tanzania, East Africa. The school has received support from several Rotary clubs in England, Holland and Zanzibar directed to specific needs eg. laptops, tablets, books, electricity and building improvements.

We have received a list of a number of possible projects relating to the school. As these vary in cost from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds we are assessing which we can best offer help with. We have already donated boxes containing 1000 pens and 1000 pencils.


Military Academy

The first was an organised trip to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the Commandant’s Parade. This, and the rest of the visit turned out to be both very impressive and interesting, as one would expect from the home of the British Army Officer Corps. Our guides for the day had themselves been to Sandhurst, and were therefore equally impressive with their depth of knowledge.